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Ann, Wife of Thomas Baugh

I have moved this site to a blog called Baugh Family Genealogy so that multiple people can edit and add notes.

We think Thomas Baugh's wife Ann is Ann Austin because her children who lived with her for years used this name for her. She was seal to Thomas on June 1, 1894 in the Logan Temple. This record is found in Book D, page 294, Sealings for the Dead. Below is the transcription.

The marriage records show that Thomas Baugh's wife Ann was Ann Allen of St. Nicholas, Rochester, Kent.  Below is the parish record of the marriage. Ann made her mark with an X, like most of the brides in the registry who probably couldn't write. There are two witnesses. One we believe to be her father, and the other is a church official who witnessed most of the marriages. I looked through the registry and found that some marriages were witnessed by fathers but most where not.

I am troubled that these records don't agree. It seems impossible that George Thomas Baugh wouldn't know his mother's family name, but it seems equally unlikely that the wrong name would be used on the marriage license, which both Ann's new husband and father signed.

I checked microfilm rolls 992531-992533 for marriage banns in St. Nicholoas, but found no bann records after 1779. Next I will check for banns in Thomas's parish of Queenborough, Kent.

The Bishop's record, a copy of parish records, also shows Ann's name as Allen.  See below.

As to Ann's birth date and place, the 1841 and 1851 censuses list her as 60 and 70 respectively. Looking at other census records, it appears that it was common to round older ages.


The 1861 Census shows her living with George's family, and that show was born in Kent.


Ann's death certificate shows her dying 25 January 1871 at age 93 years. A document that I haven't seen may say she was 93 years, 11 months, 15 days at death which would mean Ann was born 10 February 1777. 

The census lists Ann as coming from Sutton. There is a village called Sutton in Kent near Dover. However, there was also a Lathe of Sutton that comprised Western Kent, a sort of sub-county that may have included Rochester. I need to learn what was considered the Lathe of Sutton in the 18th century.

I am looking for Ann's Christening records.

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