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This page focuses finding the family of Thomas Baugh. He is listed as 22 and born in Birmingham on his enlistment 20 Jan 1797 in the Royal Marines. Under the quota system or quod in place from 1795 to 1815, each county was required to provide a number of sailors for the Royal Navy. Would there have been any incentive to lie about his age, representing himself as either younger or older? Certainly there was no need to lie to enlist, since jails were regularly emptied to provide enough men. However, Thomas quickly became a non-commissioned officer. Was there an age requirement for that? This requires more research.

So our Thomas was probably born in 1774. He was discharged the Royal Marines in 1802, soon after the Treaty of Amiens ended the Second Coalition during the Napoleonic Wars. It is quite likely that Thomas returned to the Marines in 1805 or 1806 when hostilities resumed, and may have been deployed abroad until 1812, as evidenced by the birth years of the children.

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Top Candidates

William Baugh and Elizabeth Gamal MRIN 122 A son Thomas born 19 Sep 1773 in Ellesmere, Shropshire. Brothers William and George. Ellesmere Baughs

Less likely Candidates

Thomas Baugh and Martha Powys MRIN 12  A son Thomas born 26 May 1776 in Madeley, Shropshire.

Joseph Baugh and Elizabeth Pickrell MRIN 92 Married 1770 in Madeley - children born 1771, 1773

John Bough and Elizabeth MRIN 264 A son Thomas born 23 Jan 1776 Acton Beauchamp, Worchester.

Thomas Bah and Ann Finch MRIN 127 married 1775 in Lichfield, Stafford (42 miles from Birmingham) - no children found

Thomas Bough and Elizabeth Bridgens MRIN 41 married 1777 in Belbroughton, Worcester, (20 miles from Birmingham) - no children found

Samuel Baugh and Elisabeth Jones MRIN 105 Married 1765, Children in Dawley Magna, No Thomas

Thomas Baugh and Ellen Berkin MRIN 88 Married 1763 in Haughton, Stafford - a daughter born 1765 in Walsall

George Bough and Mary Rowley MRIN 90 Married 1764 in Shelsley Beauchamp, Worcester - one daughter in 1769

Thomas Baugh and Mary Eyre MRIN 53 Birmingham, England - a daughter born in Birmingham in 1781 Maybe married 1778?

Thomas Baugh and Sarah Grazland MRIN 40 Married 1769 Worcester - children in 1778, 1783

Edward Baugh and Mary Gill MRIN 60 Married 1773 in Ludlow - no children found

James Bough and Ann Corbett MRIN 126 Married 1770 in Harborne, Stafford - no children found

John Baugh and Mary Taylor MRIN 91 Married 1763 in Lilleshall - no children found

Michael Baugh and Margaret Mathews MRIN 99 Married 1767 in Rodington - no children found

Joseph Baugh and Sarah Hotchkiss MRIN 94 Married 1765 in Madeley - no children found

William Baugh and Ellizabeth Wall MRIN 117 Married 1762 in Ellesmere - no children found after 1771

Richard Baugh and Mary Norton MRIN 100 Married 1761, Children in Wroxeter, last in 1768

Samuel Baugh and Elizabeth Taylor MRIN 101 Married 1761, Last child in 1767

William Baugh and Harriet Cox MRIN 110 Married 1757, a father Thomas, daughters in 1771, 1776

Edward Baugh and Elizabeth Sleeth MRIN 32 last son George born 1780 in Madeley, first child in 1760

William Bough and Hannah Grove MRIN 111 Married 1759 in Kidderminster, no children found

James Bough and Ann Russell MRIN 125 - Married 1759 in Acton Beauchamp, Worchester - no children found

Beriah Baugh and Isabella Glazebrook MRIN 120 Married 1763 in Madeley - a son William born 1764

William Baugh and Ann Hayward MRIN 115, Married 1756 in Little Wenlock, two girls, last in 1759

William Baugh and Margaret Bradshaw MRIN 109 Married 1769 in Ludlow - Son William born 1774

Samuel Baugh and Ann Sutton MRIN 113 Married 1770 in Edgemond, one daughter 1774 in Shifnal

Samuel Bough and Penelope Bayliss MRIN 43 A son Thomas born 1771, Chaddesley Corbett, Worcester, 19 miles from Birmingham. A daughter born in 1774.

Joseph Baugh and Eleanor Foley MRIN 95 Married 1768 in Broseley (near Much Wenlock). Daughter born in 1774

Joseph Baugh and Eleanor Highway MRIN 119 Married 1759 Daughter born in Broseley in1774

William Baugh and Elizabeth Sherwood MRIN 118 Married 1764 in Madeley. Daughter born in 1774

William Baugh and Elleanor Higginson MRIN 15 A son Thomas born 1779 in Whitchurch, Shropshire

George Baugh and Elizabeth Lowin MRIN 263 A son Thomas born 7 January 1776, London. Record of marriage to Mary Moody.


John Baugh and Hannah Key of Ellesmere, Shropshire, England  MRIN 11 A son Thomas born 1777.


John Baugh and Margaret Mitton MRIN 93 A son Thomas born 1771, a son George in 1778


George Baugh and Mary Ashmore MRIN 39 A son Thomas born 1787 in Beckbury


Thomas Baugh and Sarah Diggory MRIN 7 A son Thomas born 1765 in Ellesmere, Shropshire, last son Charles in 1767


Joseph Baugh and Mary Galleah MRIN 96 Married 1777 in Little Wenlock - no Thomas among children, first daughter born Feb 1778


John and Hannah Baugh of Wellington, Shropshire, England MRIN 46 Daughter born 1777


George Baugh and Mary Ashmore MRIN 39 A son Thomas born 1787


Job Walker Baugh and Elizabeth Sayse MRIN 8 A son Thomas born 1772 who died 1857


John Baugh and Ann Lomox Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England MRIN 44


Lancelot Baugh and Letitia Fowler  MRIN 27, Married 1757 in Newport - no children found


Richard Baugh and Ann Teece MRIN 102 A son Thomas who died in 1781


Benjamin Baugh and Elizabeth White MRIN 124 A daughter in 1777


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